The VSWay: Internal branding for VisitScotland

The VSWay is an internal-branding exercise for VisitScotland designed bring together culture, operations and staff engagement.

My role was as creative lead on the project. Our aim was to take the corpoarate, outward-facing brand and reframe it in such a way that it would both represent and reflect how employees felt about the organisation. It was intentionally warmer than the corporate brand and deliberately enhanced qualities of welbeing and cheefulness.

The design development was initiated by research processes and workshops. The outputs included an identity, a toolkit to both underpin the ethos of the organisation and to provide guidelines for use of the assets, an accompanying library of illustrations, a set of templated assets and an internal photo library.

The work was developed closely with the HR and Corporate departments. The development of the VSWay was also key to the evolvement of the Brand Alignment programme at VisitScotland.

The VSWay: Internal branding for VisitScotlandExample VSWay asset
The VSWay: Internal branding for VisitScotland