Mark Haddon Ltd has a thorough understanding of the drives and strategic imperatives in several markets including learning, heritage, public sector, commercial and SME and we have honed our skills to meet the specific needs of each.

We provide:

  • Creative development and consultancy including design, accesibility and usability. Our UX development process is focused on designing user journeys that best join client objectives and user needs. We are dedicated to W3C standards-compliant code, with emphasis on WCAG accessibility and progressive enhancement.
  • Content development including interpretation, copy writing, photography, interactive feature development and interpretive resource development
  • Online video and animation

the team

Andrew Smith is a developer with 17 years industry experience in major agencies and private and public sector companies in the UK and Denmark. He has extensive experience of working in .Net and Wordpress environments.

Mark Haddon is a designer with 17 years’ experience in the Internet and design industries. He can work flexibly, confidently and with originality in both private and public sectors.

MHL works within a network of highly skilled online specialist so can quickly create teams around the specific needs of individual an project. We can provide technical development and consultancy in a full spectrum of platforms and frameworks.