An Critical Thinking website for the Learning Zone at National Library of Scotland.

Project Blaster, developed for NLS Learning Zone was designed to provide a mechanism where-by primary school pupils could be inspired to explore critical thinking practices, in class, in groups or on their own. The main challenge here was turning a relatively complex idea into a website that could be used by children and as a learning resource by teachers in the classroom.

Mark Haddon was involved throughout all stages of the creation of this project for the Learning Zone at the National Library of Scotland, from initial concepts through to scoping, definition, design and video and animation production. In addition to the Learning Zone team at NLS, other key people on this project were children's author Allan Burnett, and illustrator Claire Murray.



"We have very specific requirements for our sites so it's essential for us to work with someone who can provide a tailor-made and collaborative approach. Mark provided this and we have been very pleased with the results".