Cairn Housing Association

Cairn HA is a third sector Social Housing organisation supplying housing to individuals and organisations across Scotland.

Cairn employed Bold Marketing to help them re-vamp their image. Mark Haddon worked with Bold to develop a creative strategy for Cairn.

Mark Haddon developed the essential underlying theme of the “Ours”, playing on the sense of place, belonging, home (as in the colloquial “ours”), warmth and collectivity. Cairn wanted to reach out to people who both needed a new start in life as well as to people who needed security and community.

MHL wrote a photographic brief, worked with the photographer and developed an illustrative style to support these underlying themes. Subsequent marketing assets developed by Mark Haddon were a website, stationary and large display material.

The Cairn HA site has since been redesigned.

Cairn HA elements
Cairn HA elements