Journal was a mobile app and moderator's website designed for interactive market research software company ChatCloud.

Within an environment where client companies are increasingly making use of new market research technological opportunities, the market research software company Chat Cloud decided to develop the mobile app Journal. Journal was designed to allow participants involved in a market research to record photos, video and write text on their mobile device on location. Journal took the qualitative data collection out of the lab setting and putting it directly into the client’s marketplace.

Mark Haddon created a mobile app and a screen interfaces for both moderator and participant in such a way that the complex interactions and layered set-up options could be made very simple to use.

Part of the problem for a small company developing complex software is servicing client support. It was important for Chat Cloud then that the software should be very easy to use. By identifying the key process options - that is the basic elements that would allow a moderator to set up a functioning market research project, we created a simple to use application which could then be modified and 'tweaked' as the moderator became more adept at using the software.


"Mark Haddon was great to work with. He took our raw technical output and wrestled into a more coherent form focused on our target users. His designs were fresh and contemporary and the result was a highly polished, easy to use product".
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