A brand and marketing extranet for Glenmorangie to be rolled out across the LVMH global market environment.

Glenmorangie had been acquired by the multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH and were repositioning their brand within this context. To support the rebrand they were required to create a brand and marketing extranet. The site was not only designed to make all brand and marketing assets globally available and to assign clear context and use of these assets, it had also to bring to life each of the Glenmorangie product ‘stories’, and convey the essential brand message of ‘Revelation’.

In close collaboration across international LVMH technical teams we broke the site down into key areas of, Brand World, Product guide, Innovations and programmes, POS Store, Press and media assets and Brand training assets. In each case pulling together content and assets from multiple sources.

Glenmorangie were keen to establish themselves within the LVMH portfolio, so they also asked us to create a Brand World environment where each of their products could be explored and understood by the LVMH extranet users. In response we developed a series of interactive features, animated flavour maps and infographics, each of which conveyed the unique qualities of their brand and their products.

At the time our Glenmorangie extranet for Moët Hennessy (LVMH) was acknowledged by the Moët Hennessy as best of all brands extranets within LVMH portfolio in terms of appearance, functionality and click-through. It was described as the benchmark for all the other brands.

Glenmorangie Extranet elements