Litlong was a project for English Literature department at the University of Edinburgh designed to explore literary references to Edinburgh.

Visit the Litlong: Edinburgh website.

A number of applications drawing on a large database of Edinburgh place-names mentioned in around 550 books that use Edinburgh as a setting had been developed and utilised by the Informatics dept at UoE, The University of St' Andrews and Edina. A sentiment visualiser, a location visualiser and a mobile app were developed to provide new ways to explore the literary references and sources.

Mark Haddon Ltd worked with the various university departments and organisations to develop the designs and templates for the holding website, the applications themselves and the mobile app. MHL also invited the artist Jane Hyslop to work on the project and referenced her work in the design.


"Struggling to say how grateful I am to Mark Haddon for taking Litlong on so swiftly and cleanly and doing such a fantastic job of it – they’ve been brilliant!"